Stay anonymous and untracked on any website from any location. We protect your privacy by changing your physical location (IP address). So websites, hackers, and advertisers can’t track you.



/ Month

Billed USD 5.99 for 1 month

7-day money-back guarantee.



6 Month

Billed USD 25.99 for 6 months

7-day money-back guarantee.



1 Year

Billed USD 49.99 for 1 year

7-day money-back guarantee.

199+ high-speed servers

Choose a preferred location to get an optimal performance and access to geo-restricted content with KeepSolid HitFire VPN

Personal Static IP

Clean personal IP address

This IP address will be used only by you and so you can be sure that its browsing history and online activity is under your control. Quote us for static IP

Why choose HitFire VPN?

Advanced VPN Unlimited technology
Easy team management
Dedicated 24/7 customer support team
HitFire VPN

Online Security

Whatever data you send (personal passwords or credit cards data), whatever WiFi you use, you are 100% secure. We encrypt your personal data protecting it from prying third-parties and hackers
Thanks to our technologies you can be sure you won’t slow down. KeepSolid Wise improves user experience and internet speed. Plus our super fast VPN servers all over the world ensure the best connections speed.

Fight censorship

Accessing seemingly ordinary apps or services can be a challenge. You can overcome these blocks with a VPN service.

Make browsing private

You do not want online trackers to monitor your every move. So, a VPN scrambles all information related to your browsing habits.

Unlock blocked websites

Network managers, governments, or ISPs could control which websites you visit. A VPN lets you recover these access rights.

Enjoy safer access

You can access anything safely thanks to VPN encryption and tunneling. Try the Tracker Blocker feature, too, as it blocks access to dangerous websites.

Mask your location

An IP address pinpoints your approximate location. With a VPN, you can change it to identify any other part of the world.

Protection on any network

A VPN shelters you from free Wi-Fi dangers, unsafe websites, packet sniffing, and other online threats. Data security is our priority.